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My Secret Obsession

A collection of short stories about love, secrets and second chances.

Excerpt from the short story: Obssessed With Bodi

“Three…two…one…Happy New Year.”
The screen on my television burst into a series of colourful fireworks as the television presenter rang in the new year. Vibrant explosions of reds and greens flickered on the screen illuminating my dimly lit hotel room, to the soundtrack of the cliched Katy Perry song. The camera panned from the fireworks display on Sydney Harbour to couples kissing passionately in the park, all celebrating the ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It was all a load of bullshit if you asked me. How could one night change anything? I knew that in the morning I’d wake up and still be as alone as I was now. Nothing new there. Just the same old shit.
The bubbly blonde television presenter raised a glass of champagne and shouted, “May all your dreams come true,” down the lens of the camera and proceed to blow a party whistle, whilst all around her party revellers continued to hug and kiss each other. It was one big fucking love in. It made me sick.
“Yep, here’s to dreams coming true. Happy Fucking New Year,” I muttered back to the TV with my own raised glass of champagne, then downed the liquid in one mouthful.
The bubbles of the expensive French champagne exploded deliciously on my tongue. Normally I loved champagne, although tonight it did very little to wipe the sour taste from my mouth. Tonight should have been a night of celebrating–well technically it was–it just didn’t apply to me. Grabbing the bottle of Dom Perignon from the coffee table I necked straight from the bottle, this time bypassing the fancy crystal glass. I didn’t need to be civilised. I just needed to get drunk…fast! I needed to forget, that despite the number of people in my life, how alone I really felt. None more so than tonight.

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