It’s All In The Picture

Marketing is a hard business, especially in the Indie Romance game. If you aim to be successful as an author, it seems that having a well written and plotted book to sell is no longer enough. If you want to reach that elusive Number 1 Bestseller spot, you need to have a strong back catalogue of books, with regular releases planned, usually up to twelve months in advance–not forgetting they have to be part of a series and available at a cheap price. But even then, it seems like that’s not enough! Ugh! All that writing and plotting and no one, other than your family and friends–and if you’re lucky–small group of other Indie authors buy your book.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of romance books released daily on Amazon and other digital distribution platforms. One way to have your product noticed is to shout (spam) the loudest and hardest on social media, over the hundreds of other authors who are also shouting, that they too have an awesome book, or books, to sell. It’s about self belief and promotion, and how to draw readers to your work.

Most book marketing nowadays is done primarily through social media campaigns, and author signings. Participating in book events on Facebook leaves me sweaty palmed and nauseous, and that’s from the comfort of my own room. I find going to an author signing extremely intimidating, especially being surrounded by bestselling authors that have lines of readers cued to buy their books. I hate having attention of any kind directed at me (unless I’ve had a few drinks and then my alter ego is unleashed…and no one needs to see that haha). But, to be successful, it has to be done. So I’m heading to Brisbane in October, for Riveting Reads. Fingers crossed it goes well and people actually stop and talk to me!

Since undertaking my post grad editing certificate, we have had to put forward a career plan–so we actually look for work in the industry, rather than paying off a degree we never use (who’d do that? cough cough Bachelor of Arts). As part of my career plan, I discussed the rebranding of myself, as not only an author but also an editor. And for this I need a new logo. I need to be ‘heard’ over the other countless author/editors. 

I already had an amazing logo designed for me by Jemina Venter of Booknerdfangirl, but that’s for me as an author. BTW, I think they’re gorgeous! 

But what about my editing work? Agh! I needed something that stood out and grabbed everyone’s attention, that combined my gorgeous logo and encapsulated the body of work I do, combined with my personality. All done without costing me a mint in design.

So I designed these on vista print:

On one side of my card, I’m all about simplicity, and love and romance (my love heart logo), but flip me over and you get my hidden side. It’s hot and steamy. I think it suits me perfectly!

Now that that’s done, it’s time to think book swag! How to stand out from the rest? Ugh!… Who wants a wooden penis keyring from Bali? Lol

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