Little Said, Lots Achieved 

It’s no secret I’m extremely slack when it comes to updating my blog/website.  So I thought it about time I post a little update.

I’ve been busy writing (kinda), aiming to get my anthology released for the Books By The Bridge author signing in Sydney in February 2017. It’s almost done!

There’s also the little event called Supanova I’m attending in just over a week in Brisvegas. I’m extremely underprepared (but what else is new!). I have books, swag, a costume and promo stuff. That’s all I need right? Fuck! Who am I kidding, this is a HUGE event and I have fuck all, but I’ll go in guns blazing and try and do my best the only way I know how!

I’m also super excited for my writers group anthology coming out sometime early next year. I’ve writen my first YA Dystopian short story. It’s completly different from anything else I’ve ever written before. I’ll post a little sneak peak in my Coming Soon section, as well as a couple of paragraphs from one of the stories in My Secret Obsession.

It’s almost midnight and time for bed. Life of writer!

Jo ❤️

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