I’m currently in the process of updating my website, after it was taken down, unbeknownst to me (not happy Jan!!). Even though I was extremely frustrated after all the work I had put in to it, I thought there was no better time than now to move my blog over to my website.

I started my original blog after I self published Illuminated Darkness. My blog was titled: Joanne Efendi: Not Just Another Self-Published Author. Here I detailed my thoughts (not regularly, I must admit I am very slack when it come to blogging) on my main dream to become a published author. Well after Illuminated Darkness was signed, and then Freefall was picked up, I’m guess I’m ‘not just a self published author’ anymore.

But… I’m not going to close it down, as it was a part of my journey, and has led me to where I am now. Instead, I’ll leave a permalink here for anyone who wishes to jump on over and have a read of my ramblings. And in the meantime, I promise I will try to update this blog more than I did the other one.

In case you missed the other two permalinks, here it is again 🙂


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